Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions give you the power to completely reinvent yourself by adding fullness and length.

Many women suffer from having “less and less hair”, because the hair breaks, gets thinner, or even falls out and leaves bald spots. This is a serious problem for some women. Their biggest dream: a full and healthy head of hair. Several methods of hair thickening are available, depending on how fine or thin your own hair is. At Tressformation, we will consult with you and help you make the right choice for your hair extension needs!

Tressformation Salon and Spa offers different types of Hair Extensions

  • Keratin Tip (permanent 2 to 4 months)
  • Tape Extensions (semi permanent 6 to 8 weeks)
  • Customized Clips (for special occasions)
  • Micro-link extensions (last from 4 to 8 weeks)
  • Sew-in extensions (last up to 2 to 3 months)

Since 1992, we have provided our clients with numerous options for Hair Extensions in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas.  Whether you are looking for strand-by-strand methods, sew-in or tape-in extensions, hair extensions give you the power to completely reinvent yourself by adding fullness and length. Don’t forget to ask about our Tressformation Signature Hair Collection.

Tressformation Stylist assists you in creating a completely new look! Specializing in all hair types and ethnicities, we can add length and volume and still maintain your healthy hair! We provide our clients with flexibility by offering different hair extension packages with our own Tressformation Signature hair line. Serving the greater Las Vegas valley, we offer competitive prices on all hair extension applications.

Our client base is extensive, and we have numerous clients that travel from Hollywood, as well as Hawaii. If you are new to the Tressformation family, we offer client consultations via phone, Skype or Facetime and email to accommodate you in order to color match your hair extensions and book your appointment.

Consultations:  We communicate extension pricing during the pre-consultation phase so there is never a surprise at the checkout.